Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Other
Date: 20-Aug-2006
Comments: 4
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Optima Mid, Turbo Optima Mid, Turbo Optima Mid SE




3 beautiful sisters I hope they remain together

flux density


Nice.. Kyosho should re-release em


If Kyosho Re release these beautys they would sale like hot cakes. But I heard that Kyosho destroyed the mouldings for the Optima series and I think it would cost them too much. Shame, I mean look at that Turbo Optima Mid, it looks 100 times nixer than the New Lazer, I drove the new lazer, quick, due to brushless motor, but I swear it still does not handle as good as Old school Optima Mid range!!



Great photos, fantastic collection!! See Integra Fan aka Marwan if you ever want to get some NIB tires - he make fantastic reproductions.

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