Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Extra info
Date: 21-Aug-2006
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Got talking to my 10 year old cousin the other day after his interest in my old Tamiya Madcaps. To my surprise he mentioned that he had a radio controlled Tamiya car that looked like a VW beetle but had grasshopper type wheels (after I showed him some pics on a few websites). I went over to my Auntys house at the weekend to check my cousins car out and sure enough in a box in the garage was a Sand Scorcher. Chassis looks mint, few bits missing, the body shell however will need some tlc. Its currently black and somewhat rough looking. I told him how much these things were worth. He said I could have it, but I want to restore it for him so he has something with a bit of tamiya history and value to keep or sell his choice :o). - My Uncles work mate was taking a load of stuff to the tip including the Sand Scorcher, when my Uncle stopped him and asked if he could have the car. Thats one lucky rescue!!! Pictures will soon be posted of its current state. This is one exciting restoration.

Update: Wheels cleaned and new tyres bought. Painted the lettering. Took the body sanded it down. Replaced holes that had been cut or cracked with bits of plastic and model filler. Sanded down again, primer sprayed. Added white, the masked and painted Blue. Could only find french blue so that had to do. Repro decals to be added as well as clear varnish spray to give it a glossy look after paint touch ups are done and highlights added. Cannot find a scorcher nose so will be using a blitzer nose for now.

Painted the nose blue, easier to cover the orange blitzer nose. Its a shame i had to use a blitzer nose, but at least the shell is genuine scorcher!!.

in bits closer on chassis body bits...ihave wing mirrors in another box slowly restoring wrong blue, but all i could find with stickers slowly getting to add wing mirrors etc All finished!




Luck find! Look forward to seeing the pictures

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