Model: (Click to see more) 99989: Schumacher
Status: New built
Date: 22-Aug-2006
Comments: 1
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Remarkable eBay win, this one......the truck is basically a combination of a Club10 Storm truck, a Nitro 10, and a massive 3.5cc .21 motor!!!! Oh, and a chassis that's heavier than some of my cars!!!
This has never been used, in fact has never even been completely built. Looks like the previous owner started to build the chassis, then stopped... after losing one wheel and tyre, and the body! D'oh!!!
Weird mishmash this truck, big big motor, and significantly strengthened chassis over the standard Cougar or Storm issue... but bushes in the gearbox, plastic shocks, and molded suspension links...
Will replace the missing wheel and tyre, then maybe just build this completely, and then work out what to do with it......

Complete lot Chassis.... almost built, but steering needs mods Gearbox Lego kit... Motor... How big? Compare to this SportTuned... BIG!! Instructions and decals included... bonza! New photo - engine detail Engine and 2-speed gear set...



great find, I just bought two of these, one works well, needs some TLC, second I'm rebuilding it now.

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