Model: (Click to see more) 58059: Porsche 959 4WD
Status: Runner
Date: 25-Aug-2006
Comments: 3
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The Perfect full set! Not restored and but in PERFECT shape! Like going back to 1986, and man is it fast :-) All orginal and with everything. TWO original bodies both with lights *working!*, spares for all the metal and hard to find white parts, orig charger and Futaba, TWO set of orginal stickers .. see the picts...

UPDATE! Forgot to show the box cover, see it on my main id page.
UPDATE! See the racing picts in another showroom entry or search the Vintage TC forum under the heading '959 races again' and 'vintaqe racing' posts by me. Long write ups with lots more photos.

The repro kamtec clear shell has now been replaced with a an original silver shell, but it is bdly damaged and good for rain or dirt running only. The chassis has been run on Muratti's lovely Tamiya guidebook track, and the motor was 'loaned' into my RM2 Datsun race car for last years vintage carpet meet but is now back with the 959. Only the yellow shell has been run on the car. The black body set is PERFECT as it has still never been used or taken out of the box. The box is also in excellent condition. It all just sits stored away the last years.

Treasure chest! Sooo tempting to use the Rothmans and paint it!! Neighbors kids love seeing the lights on Drivers painted and unpainted. English manual :) Spares spares spares How I raced it Peep show! From the top




I always wanted a 959 1st pic says it all 'Treasure chest!'... The chassis looks new and the clear body and stickers are NEW! Love the black body with the light set... Great WORK



I have a close to same Toyota, but thats condition is not so shiny...
And the left rear wheel hub is broked. Perhaps You have a spare ?



Perhaps I do but I thought Toyota quality was at least as good as Porsche, no? :-D

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