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Status: Runner
Date: 1-Jan-2003
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At my local club we race indoors on carpet, and the most popular car in the touring class is the Associated RC10L3Touring pan car. These are proper Pro10 chassis narrowed to fit under a standard 190mm touring car body. As everyone runs the same car it is quite competitive, so to get an edge I have built my own using a mixture of Associated and Trinity components, cutting out my own chassis from glassfibre sheet. I had originally made the car in glass fibre as a development chassis, intending to make the final design in carbon fibre, but it works so well I fell no need to replace it. It out corners the Associated kit easily.

Currently I am running with a Corally 16 triple motor which easily out performs any touring car and a Colt Toyota GT-One body, loads of downforce!

With its latest body. Underside. Chassis made using hacksaw and Dremel Keep that weight low! Floating rear pod using Kyosho and Tamiya dampers Direct drive and carbon fibre axle- very efficient




Inspiring work mate, its incredible you made that chassis by hand. Fantastic. Cheers



Very Nice!!



Great design Terry, well done.



that car looks fantasitc man

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