Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Restored
Date: 2-Sep-2006
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Well this is my second Ultima in my collection. The first one I bought in the 80s as a competitve racer, which then got developed beyond recognition and it can be seen elsewhere in my showroom. My old race Ultima never run with the standard alloy chassis so I thought I had better put this one together.

Bought this with an Optima Mid and Hornet for £20. I originally bought the parts lot for the Ultima chassis and wheels to restore my other Ultima back to original spec, but having checked what I have received I have just about all the Ultima apart from the shocks and body. The front shock mount is bent, but I have one of those spare. The rear bulkhead had also been cut in half, got a replacement from oz-rc on ebay. Roll cage came from Shodog and I already had original wheels. The body was from ebay in a job lot from mrlexan, but I also have a new unpainted spare one. I won the shocks on ebay (without the shock collars as usual!) and as most of the other parts were for sale it was obvious he was dismantling a complete car, but there was no body in the parts he was listing. I emailed him asking him if he was listing it. He said he wasn't as it wasn't painted and he was just going to throw it out and I could have it for free - so I've got a very rare spare for nothing. Rear wing is a Kyosho Scorpion part - trying to find a good Ultima wing is virtually impossible!

The shock collars were notorious for breaking and are very rare and very expensive. I found a complete Kyosho Raider at a local car boot (see separate entry in my showroom) and bought the whole lot just for the collars - it was cheaper than the collars are on ebay.

As the Ainsdale Beach Bash was getting near and Madmax was bringing his HPI 1/5th scale Baja I had to get it running. To see a comparison see the pictures in Biggus's showroom Wheels are Kyosho Option House rears with Dynamite nylon fronts, which are exact copies of Wild One fronts except they never break! The car is fairly standard, apart from my usual hardened steel final pinion upgrade. I was originally going to fit a set of Option House gold shocks, but stuck with the originals as they are more scale like and I'm not going to be racing this one. Running with my favourite 2wd motor, a 16 triple, it wasn't much slower than Madmaxs Baja 55B - I'll have to rectify that for the next meeting!

Angled, arty shot at Ainsdale beach What I started with Why on earth did they cut this in half?

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No chance, it's even faster now

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