Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: Project
Date: 6-Sep-2006
Comments: 7
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i've been thinking of this a long time now , so its time to do it!
it'll be as scale as i can get it , 2.2'wheel = 16.5' wheel in real life and the PL moab's is like 37.5' tire in 1/1!
drivetrain/suspension.. , im unshure but i think ill use some emaxx parts .
and for the electronics , ill make a box , so is capable of driving throu some deep water;)
and body will be made from lexan , 2mm plates , and will be hold together with aluminium L-profiles , it'll be the xlc2 (2door pick up)

Length: 62.4cm ,
Width: 29.2cm ,
Wheel base: 44cm ,
weigth: ?? ... heavy!

this will be a lontime/winter project , and will be costly i think , so maybe the hilux has to go:(

this one is the goal , but another colour sketches i dont have a cad program:(




He, he. Once you gott the cash to gett your Hilux out of custom, you want return it You can do this for a 'slikk og ingenting' I am shure



Ah mate love the 1:1! I'm skint so I will stick with my Landie. I did a 58154 conversion, alot easier than scratchbuilt, the TA01 just about does the job



@ focus1 : need money to buy maxx differentials and emaxx tranny and some other hardware.



Looking forward to your buildup...better get busy!!



Great project you have there! Should be neat to see how it comes out.



OOo NOo one more Hummer from this guy!!!! J/K Roy....Looking forward to se this build.....CoooL.


hey there
in the background of one of the pics i can see a red soft top and a blue hummer body and i would like to know where you got them from or how you made them?

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