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Date: 10-Sep-2006
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after seeing Ant's pictures, i had to go. so here are my pictures from the show. sorry if they're a bit blurred, i have shakey hands!

the bruiser cost the owner £400 20 years ago!

the show was great, and there were hundreds of land rovers. a few special ones were the series 3 pictured below, the scorpion racing 90 and Richard Hammond's 110 'Buster'.

i got this close to a bruiser! Rebel replicas my all time favourite - series 3 doesn't look like it's ever been run Hamster himself nice fancy suspension!




lol, is that last disco stuck on that stone ?, it sure looks it



you made a pic of chris 4 axles GLOBE ? great. you know him as well ? send him greetings from MARC / Sinsheim

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