Model: (Click to see more) 58051: The Fox
Status: New built
Date: 11-Sep-2006
Comments: 13
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This one has been a long time coming - about two months. Built this Fox from all new parts (minus the box). As with my other cars, this one was built to match the box art with a couple of changes (driver and period hop-ups). I finished the body with the original Tamiya polycarbonate paints and made the following changes:
Added Parma Front Anti-Rollbar (lower profile design), Street Tires (from TC member Pugjo1), Warp Gold Anodized Nerf Bars, 3Racing Gold Anodized Heat Sink, Team CRP Aluminum Shock Mount, Parma Front Stabilizer and Tamiya Gold Anodized Wheel Nuts.
I also had a Parma Rear Anti-Rollbar kit and a Parma Front Camber Adjustment Kit (from TC member Tamiya King). I choose not to install them because the Rear Anti-Rollbar Kit requires you to cut a section away from the rear of the body (this body is too rare to cut up the back) and the Front Camber Adjustment Kit takes away from the look of the car (original Tamiya arms are much better).
For the Driver, I decided to borrow the Tamiya logo decal included on the Fox Decal sheet and divide the red and blue stars into two seperate decals. I added them to the helmet along with silver race striping for a unique racing look.
All in all I am very happy with this build. Let me know what you think.
P.S. TC Member Ant88 fabricated a new front stabilizer out of aluminum (as well as polycarbonate). I'll be taking some new photos soon to show his handywork.

1 One of Tamiya Iconic Cars Parma Front Stabilizer Warp Nerf Bars Love working on Driver Figures 1 I think his eyes might be a little intense 1 Tamiya Stars on the Helmet Team CRP Front Anti-Rollbar Looks great with a motor heatsink Too nice to run Pictures always come out great on a sunny day


Crash Cramer


Well Dan, it is true, my Fox will NEVER look this good. It is a nice combination of stock and upgrades. I have a few of the same parts you mentioned and plan on putting them on my runner. I can't say I could bring myself to come up with money required to buy a new bodyset.



Nice job, I like your mods on this- the tires are a nice scale touch as well! It's always cool to see these vintage cars with a bit of personalization, it keeps them from looking the same.



looks great! is the frog next?



Good to see the signature Dimblum vinatage hop-ups carried over to the Fox- stunning!



Thank you everyone for your great comments. I guess I am kinda addicted to period hop-ups and it's become pretty standard for my cars. The Frog is the next one to be built and it's going to have a full load of hop-ups (quite possible the most of any car).



That is stunning. What a fox !



Foxy baby!!!



Sweet looking buggy, the hop ups really add to the good looks.

super gripper


That is smart! The Fox was a big want when I was a kid. It is realy very good to see someone using the crp & parma hop-ups that were availible for the car & not just the Tamiya one's. Big respect my friend!

Crash Cramer


Dan, You are right about those tires, I have never come across any vintage tires that look like that. Nice work on the driver, but is it just me or is he really 'beady eyed'.


great looking fox, I had a couple of these back when they first came out...what a fun car!



Very nice and great looking FOX!



Very FOXY racing machine, the buggy is awesome!

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