Model: (Click to see more) 58132: Mitsubishi Pajero Metaltop
Status: How To Guide
Date: 11-Sep-2006
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Just a quick trick to make it turn at last !!!

A: Drill the steering column with a 10mm drill bit all the way through.

B: Get 2 10 x 6 x 4 flanged bearing ( )

C: Cut a 6mm aluminium rod and 40mm long then drill and create an M3 thread
on both ends about 10mm inside.

D: Drill 2 holes to slide in 2 of the little rods that we use on the wheel

E: Create with a Dremell 2 notches in the lower steering arm and screw it on
the aluminium rod.

F: Slide the thing into the bearings.

G: Slide the upper rod in.

H: Creating notches again on the top arm slide it and screw it.

That's about it, but you'll need some washers etc.

And last thing, that aluminium rod I used is in fact an Old Optima Chain Driven Chassis rod, very easy to find on TC.




Nice walkthrough, straight to favourites!



Got this in my Fav's too as i want do the mod at some point, Cheers fella for sharing.



This is on my to do list now. I always knew that tap and die set would come in handy.

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