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Date: 12-Sep-2006
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This truck began life as a regular 1982 vintage Nikko Hilux off eBay, when I was all excited about my Tamiya 4x4 Hilux that was coming in the mail. I since traded the Hilux for a beautiful pair of Jeeps (thanks harleydude) so this was left sitting around looking cool but not working because the original transmitter was missing. I set out to do a custom job on it (I love doing these on Nikkos).

It features:

-Shaft driven full-time 4WD

-LRP Fusion Micro mod 370 drive motor

-Losi Mini LST twin motor ESC

-High/Low gear ratios selectable from switch in bed

-Micro servo steering up front

-Working headlights (soon!)

-Switch in bed to transfer drive motor power to...

-Working winch with clutch release button to play out cable

-High torque winch motor provides enough torque to easily pull a fully loaded E-Maxx around.

UPDATE: Replaced the steering servo with a metal-geared Futaba one and reworked the linkage, works better now. Don't trust generic B-8 micro servos, even if they're only $12. The gears on mine stripped before the car left the bench.

UPDATE 2: The LRP didn't have the starting torque required to make the car move very well. The original motor was dead, I replaced it with a Mini-T one and it works great now. Working on the light kit soon.

Older than my NES by 5 years! Jeep gets a lift Hangin' around... Brian put it best: 'that's badass dude!'



You can play RC- PRO AM on this site [Click here]



Haha, it IS badass. I love the 'hangin out' shot man, ace



LOL RC PRO-AM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crash Cramer


So do I send all my unknown bits to you?? A friend gave me some unknown stuff that may go to a Radio Shack car and I think I id'd the diff as a Panda unit???



Sure, Nikko sold some vehicles to Radio Shack, even a Hilux with the same chassis as this one but an ugly body and no winch. Whatcha got?



Cute flashback!

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