Model: (Click to see more) 58070: Midnight Pumpkin
Status: Runner
Date: 15-Sep-2006
Comments: 8
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This little truck has been an ongoing project for the last few years.
It all started with a free pumpkin from a friend. he'd lost the radio, had broken all but 1 of the body posts and all of the pogo stick shocks ends were broken, so the wheels dangled underneath!
With a bunch of spares, some dodgey body posts and coat hangers for steering links, i got the pumpkin running again. this was all around 5 years ago - no ebay access - no pumpkins in my lhs :-(, but it was running, thats what mattered! instantly, my mate wanted a go. we had a bash around with the pumpkin and my clod, and another mate bought over his indestructable nikko truck. seeing as our trucks were 'proper' rc monsters, we thought we had an advantage in the bashing contest. needless to say, the unkillable nikko didnt break, the clod broke a stupid b11 braket, and the pumpkin snapped a steering link arm, a front wheel and a body post.
well, that was then, this is now!
not long after the nikko incident, i found an old pumpkin for some spares. i sorted the broken wheel, body post and steering links. finally i had a proper pumpkin. but it was still stock.
the thing that really bugged me about the stock setup was the shocks. the way that bolt pokes through the chassis is just too cheapo for my liking. so the first mod came about - oil shocks. i fitted yellow tamiya cva's. then, over around 6 months, i got a little carried away ;-)
The truck currently has - oil shocks, custom strut tower brace, custom rear table supports, custom rear shock mounting, esc, custom esc deck, modified front body clip position (stop from scratching the body!) thunder tiger foam inserts, motor heat sink, ball bearings, cable tie mod on front suspension arms, third shock mod on rear axel, custom exhaust pipe detail, lowered front suspension to correct camber angle - i'm sure theres more things i've forgotten about!!!
the mods help the handling in a big way, it no longer rolls easily which means i can keep the shell sunny side up :-)

I've got a yellow and blue theme going on lol Lowered front end Mods: more mods on the chassis Paints old, but still lookin good! With pinky, which is bog standard Pumpkin doing its thing!

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Close up on the mods to my eXtream Pumpkin




Nice mod list, but I think you should reinstate the coat-hanger steering links, they are probably miles better than the stock links



I've always used Mini-T steering links on mine - no problems to date.



These trucks are great to customize, simple and stylish!



Just had the first test run on my VLB with similar mods, you're right - handling is much much better thanks for the inspiration. (ps - what's the cable tie mod?)



Hey there hellbelly, have fun with the L'box! I'll get some close up pics of the cable tie mod and post them on the site shortly.


I'm in the process of upgrading and customizing my pumpkin - I'm actually here following advise you've just provided in the forum. Really interested in the cable tie mod also...



Hey there robdos. details of the cable tie mod are in the link below the pictures. Basically it involves cable ties pulling the front A arms together, stopping them wobbling around. Have fun hopping up your truck!



How did you lower the front end? I am letting a mate use my VLB at the moment and it could do with some stabilising!

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