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Status: Project
Date: 3-Jan-2003
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I wanted to built a chassis which was not so obvious and which was compatible with my standard TB01. I also wanted to use carbon fiber and purple aluminum.
So I started to built a TB01 chassis with parts I got piece by piece, a Penguin carbon fiber chassis, Eagle Models purple aluminum pieces and a lot of other stuff. The result is visible in the pictures, I'm still missing some purple parts like for example purple servo mounts (for some weird reason I can't find any) and some nuts and bolts. When I have all pieces together I'll post new pictures.
14 may 2003 update: my motor (11x2) arrived and it was installed together with a black alu motor heat sink.
21 may 2003 update: the carbon fiber Raybrig NSX 2002 arrived today.

Carbon fiber Raybrig NSX 2002 Carbon fiber Raybrig NSX 2002

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