Model: (Click to see more) 58079: Egress
Status: New built
Date: 16-Sep-2006
Comments: 5
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I got this new built, nearly finished egress from fellow member muratti (thank you sir!) but it came without wheels, tires, or body. The parts were a little expensive but it has been well worth it. this still has to be one of if not the best looking buggys ever made. The shell took me a while as i really cant do them very well atall, but with great care its all good now. If anyone out there is looking for a NIB egress, now i have a new built i will more than likely be selling my nib egress. Funds are slowly getting low and i have other projects that need my attension.
.... NEWS JUST run or not to run... i dont want shelfers anymore, but this IS new.. not many around.. do i run it or not?... please help LOL




It's georgeous Tom!



You´re right Tom. It is the best looking buggy ever. Or is it the Avante? Well let´s say it´s one of the two best looking buggies ever. I´m glad this baby came to a good home!! 1A Body. Love it!



Tom it looks awesome mate , lovely job on the body !!

Classic RC Fan


Superb! Absolutely A1 job of the body as far as I can see Is it a repro or original?



its 100% original! its only fair to the egress really!

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