Model: (Click to see more) 58082: Madcap
Status: Restored
Date: 27-Sep-2006
Comments: 9
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Recently I have moved house and found my old Madcap in its box. Time had been good to most parts except the front & rear damper stays which had cracked during its running life, so with a new chassis I rebuilt, instead of throwing it away as I originally intended to do. This car now has:

 €¢ Bearings all round;
 €¢ 4 new Astute lightweight wheels & tyres;
 €¢ new chassis;
 €¢ new body painted black;
 €¢ new speed controller (LRP AI);
 €¢ servo & receiver (please see my other restore project);
 €¢ Acto Pink motor;
 €¢ its original hop-up hi-cap dampers;
 €¢ new Astute universal drive shafts;
 €¢ Astute Adjustable upper arms front and rear (drilled to bore out holes in order to fit madcap screws);
 €¢ Super Astute TTC;
 €¢ Aluminium counter gear holder (to replace weak plastic A1 part);
 €¢ oh and black wheel nuts;

I had to make several modifications using all Tamiya parts to the damper stays. I could not find any D-parts at the time of rebuild so decided to rebuild using Astute carbon stays. The front fitted without a problem, however I had to adjust the rear parts and drill 2 new holes in order to fit the rear wing. I also had to drill larger bores in the rear damper stay base in order to accommodate the shafts to attach the Astute turnbuckles. I have also replaced the steering arms with Astute shafts, keeping the ball connector ends, drilling them slightly to allow for the thicker Astute metal shafts. I am extremely pleased with the final version, I think it looks great. No more modifications will be made as I feel the only thing that could be changed is the chassis for a carbon Astute one. It's the chassis that makes the car, so if I was to do that then it would no longer be a Madcap and might as well be in the Astute section!

32 New look 20 Looking good 18 Rear Astute turn buckles 21 Pink Motor 17 Rear End 20 front on 19 Front Astute turnbuckles 16 pink motor NIB 16 Black wheel nuts! 17 Naked 2!!




A hell of a buggy. Originally cheap designed and here it has a great appearence. You did a great job on your old car. I like the rims and wheels, the colour is great not to speat of the Hi Caps. i just solt an Astute but now I don´t know why. Next time I will get something like this. It´s GREAT!!



Thanks for the comment. I think I have reached it's limits without it turning into an Astute. It took a while to test and finalise the designuse of Astute components, I am very pleased with how it turned out. M.



See what you mean. My Gator looks alot like this. Black is such a sexy colour. Nice job.



That's a stunner too! Black rules



wonderfull chap .... i used to race my manteray against one of these my friend had, both standard except ballraced... his was deffo faster... i like the way u have kept the soul of the madcap looks great in black... perfect hop-ups... maybe ajustable upper arms?..... i really need to get myself one of these



Cheers! Took your advice and replaced the plastic upper arms with Astute adjustable ones. Tokk some work to get them to fit, had to increase the bore on some of the parts to allow the Madcap screws to fit. Using metal bearings from the Astute for each Upper arm front and back as used on the Astute.



love ur slealth cap looks the muts nuts , love madcaps thats why i have three ... good job .



That is very very nice!



fellow madhatter, i invite you to join the madcap SIG here: [Click here]

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