Model: (Click to see more) 58372: Ford F350 High Lift
Status: NIB
Date: 29-Sep-2006
Comments: 3
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I got this a couple of days ago, i was going to chuck it in the loft for 20 years, but it would probably get found & car booted for £20 so i may sell or trade it(my good buddy neo will be offered it 1st if i do decide to out it!)

What this ol' thing, had it ages! Hasn't that just been released?? Noooo!




Hidden under the bed, eh ? Well thanks - now I know where to find it. He he he. Don't worry, I got my own in the mail !



oh i knew i put it some were if you would just kindly send it back to me



I would send it back but you know the rule.....'Finders Keepers'. Cheers !

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