Model: (Click to see more) 58231: Wild Dagger
Status: Project
Date: 3-Oct-2006
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After the 'born for speed' Carbon Dagger here his brother 'born for crawling'.
The Trial Dagger is one of my longest pondered project. Here you can see a not finished work on it. The car is 4WS with locked front and rear diffs and is full ball bearing fitted. Two 6,5 kg servos will steer the wheels. It has two Mabuchi armatures inside two LRP motor cans. I suppose the car will gain torque with wet magnets. The motors are fitted with two steel 14T pinion gears that fit perfectly without mods. Now the gear ratio is 1:23 instead original 1:16. I think this car will be slow.

Future mods will be: new rims, maybe the yellow ones (I like oil cans look rims), Proline Moab 2.2 tires, 6,5kg servos x 2, new handmade chassis to increase ground clearance in the middle, UJs shafts, Alloy knuckles and C parts with 2 degree added, 4 inches shocks and new body.

Hope this car will be a crawling monster. I noticed that Carbon Dagger often climbs better than my friend super modified Clods due its less weight. This gave me the idea of the Trial Dagger.

Temporary dead body on. 4 wheel steering is my goal. Again. And again. Ugly body I think. Stock Mabuchi armature inside LRP can. Absolute torque? I hope. Some of the options part I'll use on it.

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