Model: (Click to see more) 58370: Dark Impact
Status: NIB
Date: 4-Oct-2006
Comments: 5
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This one is a centre shaft driven buggy, with lots of high expectations before it was release... sure a looker... but will required beefy and option parts before it's turns into something :) quite a disappointment after much hype.. with the stock DI

I've got options parts within the box - Heat Sink Bar - Slipper set - Alum Oil Dampers - Spring set - front & rear CVDs set - ceramic balls - ball bearings for steering - Centre One way.

Dark Impact

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hi there where did you get the cdv's from sir

super gripper


Well you seem to have most of the Hop - Ups necessary to turn this DI into a racer, yep done all that to mine & it handles ok. There are few mods you can do that don't cost anything, check out my DI. I race mine at the local clubs, most people laughed cos it is a Tamiya but then went off in a huff when I out qualified them & there is a big winter series coming up soon so we shall see how I do. Regonals are a possibility this year too! Rare this car is not!



CVD're from tobee craft



haha.. after much hype. kinda of disappointed abt the stock DI...


how much is it?

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