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Date: 5-Oct-2006
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Had a few parts left and as i don't have the money to get me an Sand Scorcher, i decided to built my own.

Bush Devil Chassis

Frog Gearbox, front arms

Blackfoot rear Shocks

Wild One Wheels

repro Lexan Beetle Shell

Prafe KL4000 ESC and 17T Keil DTM Motor.

have to put in an receiver and test this babe ;-)

went back to 540 Can. Still fast enough and driving with 3000mAh is around 20 minutes. It makes a lot of FUN

1 looks good from the left 1 and the right also inside - very clean ;-) nice Prafa ESC hope the Gear can handle the power from the 17T Keil DTM Motor

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
This was my very first Car !


Dr. Robotnik(old)


Nice Beetle, Wonder, looks like it should be a good vintage runner. I hope the chassis can still turn with the 17T motor



just came back from the first run. I changed back to 540 Can - fun enough. 17T Motor took to much out of the battery ( connectors where pretty hot ). I hope to make a vid very soon.



very cool looking bug! i think thats a bush devil chassis frame, so you have a wild bush beetle. sounds painfull



Glad to see my old Runner Beetle shell still giving good service.



Hi Mymonsterbeetleisbroken ( not mine ), of course ... Bush Devil ... i will change the name asap.
Yes jimbo, youre shell is perfect ! cheers

flux density


Hehe.. this is one nice looking buggy...



Cool Beetle!

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