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Status: Runner
Date: 6-Oct-2006
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Always wanted one of these Worlds Scale trucks, picked this one up locally and rebuilt it. Truck's fully ballraced. Has two stock motors fitted with an EVX set up for 7.2 volts. Planning to put a couple of cheap 19-turns in later. 14-tooth pinions installed. Two-sided slipper clutch. Steering is bellcranks with two servos on Y cable. Can run standard 2.2 wheels with normal rear hexes and 6x11 bearings up front. Adjustable rear ball differential. Front and rear shock towers were replaced with new Pro towers from Allec & Lane Mfg. Maxx-size tires fit perfectly on the rims and the stock tires aren't glued so I will likely put some on soon.

UPDATE: Finally some progress! Waiting on a missing differential ring to arrive from MRC. Also picked up a parts truck from eBay. I have a pair of new 550 motors waiting to be mounted in the truck, and they will probably run on 7.2v most of the time. I will try to get the body stripped of paint and redo it in a nice color. I also found a pair of stock E-Maxx tires that I'll see about mounting on the rear wheels, so I can save the stock rear tires.

Stock tires, cool tread MRC likes including spare tires on their bodies With 2.2 KBF wheels and Pro-Line Masher 2000s EVX with jumper for 7.2v (old pic) Thick metal chassis, large alloy shocks Dual servos, dual savers, bellcranks Size comparison 2

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