Model: (Click to see more) 58080: Astute
Status: Restored
Date: 6-Oct-2006
Comments: 4
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Bought this on ebay, always wanted one! Had to settle for a Madcap back in 89, could only just afford one of those!!. Car looked as though it had been sat in storage for a very long time. Once stripped and cleaned I then realised what excellent condition it was actually in. I replaced it's gearbox with that from my Madcap Evo (fully rebuilt using bearings and new ball diff). The old gearbox looks ok so will strip & rebuild as a spare. Shocks were stripped and oil replaced, just ordered a new body set so I can paint as box art as old body had a few minor cracks. So far this car has had:

 €¢ New body set;
 €¢ 27T Dirt Tuned motor;
 €¢ Replaced MSC with ESC;

New bodyset added. Old body will be used for any future running. Took it out for a run last night, it is the KING of under steer, which comes as no surprise due to the lightness of the front end. Front suspension does not flex well, think I need to re-grease some of the joints.

Have all original parts that I replaced, 540 motor MSC etc, so in future can be sold as original, but for now it's become a Shelf Queen.

23 looks better than expected! 19 nice profile 21 Just dust settled on most parts 12 good condition, needs stripping and regreasing 12 slowly coming back to its former glory 17 Put back together after cleaning and re-oiling 21 rear end! 25 I love the shape! 23 Stickers are crap, they dont sit flat to the body 20 rear shot







The Astute is a nice looking 2wd, probaly the best, shame about the rear suspension set up though.



I have an astute in the same colour. Have I somehow inherited this car?



Bungers...I sold the body shell and wing about 2 years ago

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