Model: (Click to see more) 58372: Ford F350 High Lift
Status: New built
Date: 8-Oct-2006
Comments: 9
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If I see one more picture of an F350 BOX on TC, I'm going to throw up... woop... there I go... I mean really... how many pictures of the box can one be subjected to. At least BUILD it and show a little genuine appeal in the paint scheme or something!

I needed to put one together in order to design some hop-up parts, so here's another built to the pile. Though not doing so good this year, I'm a fan of the Oakland Raiders who wear silver and black. So, I painted this Metallic Black with Metal Flake Silver. I didn't like the stock dampers which didn't seem to do anything anyway, so I replaced them with oil filled threaded dampers. While I was at it, I used some aluminum rod ends and aluminum knuckles. On the first test drive, I tipped the thing over (and stripped and repainted it since I can't stand scratched up bodies on my shelf). So, I tried our aluminum wheel wideners. Too much width. So I ended up replacing the stock wheels and tires with TLT aluminum wheels and stock chevrons both of which are a little wider. They helped widen the stance a little and I personally like their look a bit better than the stock F350 wheels and tires anyway. In lieu of a 4 channel radio which I'll use once the MFU comes out, I am using a Futaba 3TPDF 3 channel radio which works like a charm since you can select the buttons and settings for the 3rd channel (I opted to have it replace the bottom button next to the throttle so I can shift and throttle seemlessly with the same hand). I used a Novak Rooster and our own brand clear case high torque metal servo for the steering. Considering I don't really like driving the RC's, this was one of the few I've had capture my attention span more than 10 minutes. I ran 2 packs through it and had a bit of fun, especially with the shifting. Now time to make some hop-ups! :)




Very Cool! Those wheels and tires look good on there.



wow love the alu



Fantastic work, and I agree with your comments about the F350 Box photos. Enough already!



abit slow arn't you should of had the hop-ups ready for when it can out!! anyway nice to see someones thinking 'outside of the box' just waiting for some cash flow before i can start me own one. take one hi-lift and one lunch box that's all i can say for now



Some great ideas. I like the knuckles and the locking hubs. I am getting tired of searching for the axle pin everytime I take off a wheel. I agree with you about the wheels and shocks. The shocks look a lot better but still don't do anything to improve the suspension. I hope that you can come up with an idea for replacing the leaf springs with something a little more compliant and usefull. What you have show is a great start!!!!



Godd job, really. Could you list for the where the parts you used are from, also the paint is matt or looks like in the pictures.

Corpse Thrower


Nice! TLT wheels look good. Keep us informed about the hops, won't you?



Those tires & rims are well suited to the truck ! I like those alloy bits you added. Well, I best start adding money to my Payapl Funds & reserve it for InetRC ! Looking forward to your hop-ups !



Best I've seen so far - Cool

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