Model: (Click to see more) 58063: Lunchbox
Status: Restored
Date: 6-Jan-2003
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As with alot of people I had this truck when I first started and loved it, but for some reason got rid of it. Now after some searcing I have found one at quite a reasonable price and have rebuilt it with a few hopups.

It is now fully ballraced, has an ESC, a sport tuned motor and Oil filled shocks which are ever so slightly lower giving a little better handling.

The result? A fast truck that is so much fun to drive, it is the most used out of my collection, its so hard to put down. The problem is the feeling I get when it rolls, there is nothing worse than seeing all that yellow paint on the 'crete

So nice! Love that colour A a couple of the hopups When I first got it With its sister

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