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Status: Other
Date: 8-Oct-2006
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At the same bootsale i got my latest Monster Beetle project from, i found this.

A Wild Willy rip off!!!

I've named him, Wild Wally ;-)

Its one of those old bump and go things that runs using 2 wheels underneath, on a rotating base. When it hits an obsticle, it 'turns' and drives the other way. These toys were popular in the 1980's, I hade quite a few different ones, mostly cars but my best one was a 1/8 scale night rider - the light on the front actually worked too!

I dont have a willy to compare this jeep too (i didnt phrase that well did i?) but it does look a like the basic shell was taken from a real tamiya wild willy. Willy himself also looks very similar - but he's made from cheapo plastic!

Anyway, he's wild wally, and he may be converted to R/C someday :-)

Tamiya, look out! Its cheapo Wild Wally!!! lol Theres a real wild willy on the spare wheel!!! Driver position looks the same Tyres are hard plastic! Rollcage looks similar too!


Brat Attacks


l remember seeing those in the shops and thinking...what a Tamiya rip-off. Even the sticker on the wheel cover is a copy of the Tamiya box art.



Cute, love those old toy copies, also have RC one!



That's hilarious, cool find!

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