Model: (Click to see more) 99990: Event/Action Photos
Status: Other
Date: 6-Jan-2003
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A few of us had a go driving on an ice rink last night. Over here in Belgium during the winter most of the larger towns have temporary ice rinks assembled.
Well David Joos ( Racing Master, and Tamiya world F1 champion ) arranged for us to drive in the ice in his town. It was a lot of fun spinning around and crashing into each other. Some of the spikes in the tyres were quite serious but certainly did the job.
It was very difficult to capture any decent photo's but these are better than nothing. Luckily there was no serious racing for David to show us all up!!...

Koen looking serious!!.. Koens car before the motor burnt out!!.. It's not a Tamiya body, but it did the job. Wim's Peugeot. David's seriously fast Lancia

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