Model: (Click to see more) 58028: Toyota 4x4 Pick Up
Status: New built
Date: 6-Jan-2003
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I have taken some better pictures of this car so have redone my showroom.
I got this as a new built car that needed the thin and flacky temporary paint removing and re-doing. The decals that are there where there when I got the car sp I had to paint around them, this has worked really well. The only ones that where missing that I wanted to have are the spot light covers, I made these white ones myself and they have come out good so I will keep them on there. It is missing the driver, mirror and decals but came with the box, I have since got a manual for a good price that is in good condition to add to the collection. I think it looks best in plain red so I won't worry about getting decals but I will try to find a driver and mirror.
I spent quite a while painting this because it's the one car I have always wanted. It had to be perfect and it is, I hope the pictures do it justice. I really love this car and will keep it forever, probably take it to the grave with me!!...LOL
Bit of an update here. I bought a set of Chris's ( Netsmith ) lovely repro decals and added the Blue spot light cover, and the 4x4 badges on the front and rear. This really finishes the truck off as I would like it. I would love to have a runner though..... ; )
WOW!! I can't believe I finaly got a driver figure. The car is now complete and looks fantastic. Big cheers to Andy ( Twinset ) for sending me the NIB figure.

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