Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: New built
Date: 17-Oct-2006
Comments: 21
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This was a lot of work to finish it and it turned out perfect. The new built chassis as posted earlier was completed with a NIB bodyset. The chassis is from a new parts only and no repro's. I already had a restored bodyset from KoenC but decided to go 100% new and used the NIB body. It was sprayed with Tamiya paints, decals added, chrome striping and a PUR glosscoat. The finish is absolutely perfect with no dust partikels and no polishing needed. Panellines were painted and the roof was left partly open. My brother ownes a 1967 beetle and he said this can not be done with an 1/1 roof but what the h*ll, it looks nice and different. The windows were polished because they had some marks from laying in the box. The rear lights were painted with decanted TS claer red an orange. Use then because the paints is much thinner then acryl or enamel. The exhaust was painted chrome with subtle heatstaining and the driver received some sand weathering. The chassis was lowered so that the suspensionarms are horizontal. Front suspension was shortend in the demper(put rings in the piston so suspension movement is smaller) The black bumper is a real NIB one and the rims are chromeplated originals. Okay you see much SS so it might be boring in the end but I really like this!

1 shot from 'carbonmans' view 1 exhaust in chrome 2 rear suspension 2 boxart! 2 detail on the paint 3 special place in the 'walk of fame' 2 the NIB body with finished chassis (RC included!) 2 al the stuff is there to get it running 2 detail on the exhaust




Some fantastic detailing. I don't think I have ever seen anyone actually put the part line in around the wheel arches, and they are so clean. Great work, maybe 'just another' box art SS, but this one is perfect (well apart from the stainless screw set, you really should get the original black screws ). Great work.



Yes the screws are not historicly correct, I know. The partlines on the arches are seen on a real car so I put them there...
Thanks for the nice comment



There's is NOTHING boring about such a nice example of a Scorcher mate! One of the best I've seen in original form. There is some serious work gone into this & it's a credit to ya. I think they are one of 'thee' hardest paint jobs to do. Pure eye candy! Top marks!!

Rat Fink


What a great piece of work.
I do not agree with Toykid over the use of Stainless screws as on these SRBs Tamiya could not decide what colour, material, or screw type to use. A set of A2 capheads look great even down to the wheel bolts and all the countersunk.
Well done I wish I had the patience to get a body that well finished.



Ferdoemme Carbonman, really looking wonderfull this one! How did you level the rear suspension? Other shock absorbers or something else? Cheers mate!



That's a hell of a SS! Very nice!



Not boring at all... this is truly a beautiful restoration. All the little details you've captured is what takes it to the 'next level'. Superb job!



the rear suspension is blocked by putting metal bushing under the suspension so movement is limited. I will post a closeup in the showroom



Truly awesome! Boxart perfection.



very nice SS, great work



Fantastic example of a boxart SS, sweet!



OK. Now that's what I call a more than perfect paint job!
You've made me jealous ... again



She's a real beauty. Enjoy!



One word. Beautiful.

Brat Attacks


This really is the best Sand Scorcher TC has to offer. VERY nice detail touches, you must be very proud.



Work of art, enough said.



Stunning...just absolutely stunning. I wish I had the skills and patience to be able to do that with mine!

Mr Mal


Pure piece of artwork.. wouldnt look out of place in a Tamiya catalogue , fancy doing it for a living I have a shell needs painting lol..



THE best scorcher on the site in my opinion. LOVE IT!

Crash Cramer


I had to look a second time for the front bumper as I was just amazed at the rest of the car. That looks fantastic.



Amazing work! Shows the incredible potential this model has in the right hands.

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