Model: (Click to see more) 58346: The Grasshopper
Status: Other
Date: 22-Oct-2006
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Mild mannered GrassHopper driver Frank Evans is no ordinary man. Every Halloween his buggy transforms into the 'GhoulHopper' with a posessed madman behind the wheel 'Flank Evans!!'

Flank seeks out all RC drivers who have lost their respect for Tamiya - and hunts them down with wicked vengence!

So beware all non-Tamiya drivers. You know who you are driving your RC10's and Traxxas trucks. Flank Evans is coming to get you!! And you might just end up being another skull and crossbone stamp outside his driverside window. Hahahahha!!!

10/31/2006 - Yippee, I got 43rd place. Couldn't be more proud.

Flank Evans focused on his victim! Another RC10 driver down, another stamp for me!!

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