Model: (Click to see more) 46006: QD Monster Beetle
Status: Restored
Date: 24-Oct-2006
Comments: 7
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From the Radio control guide book 1990

Now you can enjoy car crushing action with Tamiya's Quick Drive radio controlled car series. The ever popular Monster Beetle in a high-rise format is now avilable in Quick Drive form. Just clip on the body, snap on the rear guard, install batteries, and you're of and running. Steering is digital proportional right and left, and the speed control is variable forward and reverse. The Normal and Turbo speed gear switch, ads to its versatility. Sealed gear box houses a powerful elcetric motor, and precision differential gearing. The Monster Beetle QD will provides everyone with the excitement and pleasure of driving a radio controlled custom high-rise monster.

scale 1/14

Overall lenght: 350mm

Overall widh: 260mm

Overall height: 218mm

Wheelbase: 195mm

Tread front & rear: 186mm

Weight fully equipped: Aprox 1,700g

Tire width/diameter: Front & rear 71/115mm

Body: Impact resistant resin

Frame: Engineering plastic monocoque type

Suspension: Front & rear rolling rigid type

Sealed gear box incorporates powerful electric motor and precision differential gearing

Gear ratio: 1/29.12 and 1/40.23 switced by speed selecting lever

Speed control: Variable forward/reverse electronic speed contoller

Set includes wheel and trigger type 2 channel proportional transmitter

Battery requirements: Eight UM3 (AA) size alkaline or Ni-Cd batteries for car and a 006P 9 V battery for transmitter (available separately)

This body came from Netsmith trough Ebay. Great trade! It had some cracks that was repaird, an it also had one chrome light missing. Otherwise it was in good shape

Vintageavante has had quite a few rare QD bits in he's Ebay store and I came to find a new chrome part's set. And 4 spiked tires! I have changed all the chrome parts to new parts and put on the NIB tyres.

The chassis I have had for a long time. Someone gave a way a smashed up midnight pumpkin QD for over a year ago here at TC. I am sorry, but I can't remeber who it was... It is now very clean and fully working. Still gott some signs of usage witch suits me fine as this car will be used some more:-)

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hey, that is a great little thing



Always wanted one of these, they look so cute



Very nice work Focus! Glad to see the QDs are not forgotten



QD BeetleĀ“s is the greatest! I love running mine!



i have the same, and these are really fun, especially in the snow



Performes pretty good these, good looking too.



wowowow that tires! saw them once in an old tamiya book, and it wasnt an illusion! the spikes are at the lower pattern and not at the higher pattern just as i saw it

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