Model: 99981: Traxxas
Status: NIB
Date: 29-Oct-2006
Comments: 4
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The sealed TRX-1 is back!!!! I sold my 1st sealed kit a little over 1 year ago and I'm proud ( thankful too ) to have one back.. Traxxas was started in 1987 and this kit holds incredible history for Traxxas. It was the first Traxxas buggy to ever come with a graphite chassis and it was one of the first attemps for Traxxas to make the podium at the IFMAR Worlds against the legends of Team Associated and Losi.. It was the ROAR National Champion in 1992-1993.. Mint New In Box Traxxas History!!! ONE FACTORY SEALED AND ONE UN-SEALED TO ADMIRE. :D




Great cars, Nice too see some are unbuilt. I've had a few of them over the years, my cousin has them now and one still runs great. the other became a parts car.


Nice to see some of these are still around. The TRX-1 was truly a legendary achievement by Traxxas at a time when the great RC-10 pretty much dominated competition. I also own a TRX-1 that has never been run. I assembled it to 'rolling chassis' stage and never got around to finishing it. The body is still unpainted and everything is in MINT condition. I'm back into the hobby now after being away from it for years... just bought an Associated Monster GT... but trying to decide what to do with my vintage TRX-1. It's in such good condition it almost seems a shame to finish it and hit the dirt with it now! LOL


Used to own one years ago. I even won one belgian championship race with it Unfortunately I sold it just after. I'd love to get it again, where could I find one NIB?

Gixer Jay


The best place to find one is E-Bay.. I haven't seen one listed though in a couple years.. Just keep watching..

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