Model: 58372: Ford F350 High Lift
Status: Runner
Date: 3-Nov-2006
Comments: 4
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First off then, thanks Tamiya for such a kool piece of kit!
This time last year we were all saying - tamiya wont re release a 3 speed, tamiya wont make a new 3 speed, tamiya arn't interested in the scale rc trucks market anymore - only ready to run truggies.
Guess we was wrong ;-)
My High Lift came from Fusion Hobbies. I've built it with full ball bearings (you really need them for this heavy thing, plus there are close to 1 million gears inside which all need 5 bearings each ;-) seriously though, this is tamiya over engineering back to its best. i cannot see a weak spot on this chassis, of course the body will fall to bits very quickly if you want it too, but the chassis is very tough looking!
Too keep the tough theme going, i've also fitted a blue bird servo for the steering - its got 14.5 kg's of servo saver snapping torque! I'll be trying the 4 wheel steering out, but turning is fine with the standard 2 wheel setup. steering on this thing is similar to the clod/juggernaut setup, with a central mounted servo. but unlike the clod/juggy, most if the links are on the chassis, there is only 1 servo saver (mounted on the servo) and the steering is also ball raced!
For the rest of the radio gear, i've gone for tamiyas recommendation, the futaba 4wd radio. I will be adding the MFU, once tamiya actually make the thing!
For the springy bits, i'm using only 2 leaf springs per corner, but with the second leaf underneath the main leaf spring - unlike tamiya's manual, which shows the second leaf above the main leaf - were, in effect, it will do nothing! I've also ditched the 'in your face' front bumper (please somebody make a nice looking one!) and the silly diff covers, which make the diff housing look 10 times bigger than it actually is, have also been left out. tamiya provide you with a rubber bung to cover the diff locker hole if, like me, you dont like the diff covers.
I've painted the body in a colour called Volkswagen brilliant orange - because i didnt have an orange RC in my fleet. i've also added the orange to the front and rear bumpers instead of using black - i think it gives it a kool concept truck look.
The stock 540 motor has been replaced, by a stock 540 motor. I'm not mad ;-) I've fitted a johnson 540 to replace the stock mabushi, which comes with wierd connectors (possibly for the MFU? but as connectors provide resistence, and the mabushi is slightly slower than the J motor, i decided to make the switch.
Speed is being controlled using an mtroniks rv 15 esc, which is waterproof, and as the name states, has a 15 turn motor limit.
I'm really pleased with this truck, its very nice to drive and it was a great build. I'll have to get another one - because i want to make a long wheelbase version!


The truck is now running with a body lift kit installed, and 2.2 rims and tyres - Its a test for now - certainly a different look than before. The link at the bottom takes you to my updated truck. Thanks for looking!

The New Bruiser ;-) Ready to rock Its a mini monster! Wobbeling tail pipes too Ground clearence isnt too bad Hey, you can see me in those shiney bumpers lol Kept the tail lights clear for a clean look Orange on bumpers and mirrors 2 leaf springs used, also using coils in shocks Bluebird 14.5 kg steering servo, tasty

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Looks good!



it is good to see that you also left away that senseless big silver plate in front of the differential housing on both axles. then the axle would look bigger tham it almost is right now. great appearance



Probably the nicest one on here. I agree totally with leaving off the front brush guard and chrome diff cover, both are too big. Great work!



Cheers guys! I've added a new bit to the truck, check out my showroom for details.

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