Model: (Click to see more) 56010: Tiger 1 Full Option Kit
Status: New built
Date: 4-Nov-2006
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Fresh it came from Stellamodels!

At last, the armour collection is complete now

All the 1:16 tank's Tamiya made is represented now in the collection.

(ok ok, exept the King Tiger 56008 Porsche turret)

But the diffrence is to little name it to the 56004

If you thing the models of Tamiya these days have bad kitboxes?

Feast your box loving eyes on this then, a ├╝berbox!

This Tiger 1 tank was the big fear of allied tank crews during world war 2

Hopefully i could recreate this with the build.

As i have never seen a tiger build in real life, it was going to be a surprise for me to

This is the full option version, so this big pussy is making some noise :)

Build it close to box-art-stock, except colors who are 'russia theme' ( also discribed in the manual )

To be more precise, the one of PzReg2, summer of 1943

If not mistaken, this camo was used around Stalinggrad and Kursk

Only 2 modifications where done from 'box build'

Made some guide tubes on the lath for the tention roadwheels.

It is a cheap aftermarket product, but.. very easy to do yourself.

12mm outside, drilled out on 6mm then, 10mm long.

Make 2 of them, e voila, you have stabilisers for the rear wheels

Also only one battery pack is used, instead of the Tamiya advice on using 2

That is still from the 1200mha battery eara, now we have 3500mha + battery's!

This old system also reveals this is one of the older full option kits

Many items in the manual refer to older versions, static or non-mfu

For radio gear, i had good testing results with the Spektrum gear.

So, for this one also the Spektrum DX7 is used with AR6100 RX.

A dream solution, as you don't have to hide anymore wires or ugly antenna's!

< All hail to the technologic advance in rc >

The Tiger I

Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf. H/E (Pz. Kpfw. VI, Sd. Kfz. 181)

General Details

Crew, Five (Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver, Bow Machine Gunner/Radio Operator)

Hull, length 6.3m (20.66ft)

Length, gun forward 8.45m (27.7ft)

Width, combat tracks fitted 3.72m (12.2ft)

Width, transport tracks fitted 3.14m (10.3ft)

Height 3.0m (9.8ft)

Weight, transport 50.5 tonnes (49.7 tons)

Weight, combat 57 tonnes (56 tons)

Ground pressure, combat tracks 1.04kg/ (14.8psi)

Ground clearance 0.47m (1.5ft)

Fording depth, no preparation 1.6m (5.24ft)

Fording depth, prepared 4m (13.1ft)

Maximum gradient 70%

Maximum trench crossing 2.5m (8.2ft)

Maximum step climbing 0.8m (2.6ft)

Engine and Performance

Powerplant type Maybach HL230 P45 petrol

Configuration 4-stroke V12 at 60 degrees; SOHC per bank

Nominal output 700hp (522kW) at 3000rpm

Nominal efficiency 30.4hp/litre

Power/weight ration (combat mode) 12.3hp/tonne

Capacity 23,095cc (1,410 cu. in.)

Fuel capacity 540 litres (118.8 UK gallons/142 US gallons)

Nominal range, road 195km (120 miles)

Nominal range, cross-country 110km (68 miles)

Nominal maximum speed 45.4kph (28mph); 38kph (23mph) with engine limited to 2500rpm

Average sustained road speed 40kph (25mph)

Average sustained cross-country speed 20kph (12.5mph)

Armament Details

Main armament 88mm L/56 KwK rifled cannon

Main armament ammunition 92 rounds (field-modified to 106/120 rounds in some cases)

Main armament ammunition type Armour-piercing (AP), AP/tungsten core,

high-explosive (HE) and HE hollow-charge (HEAT)

Muzzle Velocity 600m/sec. (HE); 773m/sec. (AP); 930m/sec. (AP/tungsten core)

Effective Range 3000m (AP); 5000m (HE)

Secondary armament Two 7.92mm MG34 machine guns

One co-axially mounted and one flexibly mounted in hull-front

Ancilliary armament One 7.92mm MG34 machine gun (optional)

Six smoke dischargers (later removed)

Three 92mm bomb/grenade launchers (later removed)

One 9mm MP38/MP40 machine pistol; 9mm P38 pistols

Secondary ammunition 5100 rounds (34 belts of 150 rounds)




You have cheated. It is still almost 2 months untill Christmas Looks like fantastic fun!

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