Model: (Click to see more) 58172: Taisan Porsche 911 GT2
Status: New built
Date: 5-Nov-2006
Comments: 21
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I've been wanting a GULF schemed racer for some time now, and I finally have this done! Inspired by Scollin's GT40 build, I just had to have a go at my own Gulf racer. It all started with the bodyset- the limited rerelease 911GT2 from JR-RC a few months back provided the much needed backbone for this project. It's no secret how much I love this body (doesn't everybody?) and this completes my GT2 collection. I'm glad I jumped on a few of these bodysets on ebay because I couldn't find them at all in the Japan shops last month. I spent my sweet time painting and masking it. It took a while but worth the effort. The colors are PS corsa grey and orange. I painted the wing with the same PS corsa grey to get the perfect match, and clearcoated and buffed them with Tamiya clear. The mirrors were sprayed a flat orange for a racy look.

Once the paint was done, the painful task of striping the shutlines was started. I used Pactra striping tape and a heat gun to melt it into place. I used the same tape to separate the orange and blue. The Gulf decals were created in waterslide, in addition to the body details such as headlights/taillights as I didn't have a spare decalset to tear up. The waterslide decals came out perfect anyway!

Once the body was done, I moved on to the chassis. This is a one off MIP prototype chassis for the TA02. It was given to me by a friend in the RC industry and it's truly an amazing gift. As far as we know, it is the only one in existence. I was originally going to build it using recycled TA02 parts I had sitting around. It didn't take long for me to realize that this chassis deserved a 'new built' title, so a new built TA02SW rolling chassis was found on ebay and used as the donor for all the parts. Full bearings were installed, as well as lightweight kingpins and pink Tamiya shocks. 2-piece mesh wheels round out the chassis and the roller was done! I have not mounted the electronics yet but they have already been set aside for it. I don't plan to run this one obviously as it's far too rare and pretty in my opinion. I'll noodle it here and there, and all 3 of my GT2's need interiors so I'll eventually get around to making them.

I got around to taking a few pics today, and it's great to see this project at this point! I had tons of fun with this and it will probably be my last GT2 for a while. to other projects! This one's for you Scollins! 8D

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Love GT2^s



nicely done color scheme and workmanship....can you add a driver figure, the car really looks awesome!



Fantastic work - you've really done a nice job with the paint job. I've always considered using some clear over the PC colors, but never had the nerve to try. Looks like the results were worth the risk!!



That's really neat!



excellent paintjob mate - thats one of my fav. 911 here on TC



Superb work! Love the GT2's and love the Gulf scheme.



Shhwweeeett!!! Gotta be my all time fav gt2 brotha! Very nice...!!!



love it!!



EXCELLENT ! Perfect Job.



Truely gorgeous. Nice one!



WOW that is amazing. Love it. I have no more words to express my self....



Wow, I have a tribute build in my honor......thanks so much Jun you are way too nice! Man you must have really liked my GT40 if you went to al this trouble.....How about I do the same for you? Hmmmm which car of yours will be my inspiration, so many to pick from.........



That's beautiful mate. Into the favs..



Very very very very very nice!






Huh? No comments from me? Ok, here we go: love it! Especially the rare chassis plates and the awsome body finish!



Damn you JUN!!! This totally ROCKS!!! Superb job.



Nice one dude, man I wish my rear wheels would get here so I can finish my own Porsche...but this has got to be the nicest I've ever seen wow!



excellent fit and finish, car looks great!!



Truly 1 of a kind, very creative- a TREAT TO THE EYES!!!!


That is truly a thing of beauty! Any chance of getting my hands on the files you used to make the waterslide decals? I have been trying to find some myself! Love your work!!



You should have entered the GT40...anyway, let's see where we can get you with this one: got my vote alright!

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