Model: (Click to see more) 58372: Ford F350 High Lift
Status: Extra info
Date: 5-Nov-2006
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Tamiya added a cool feature to the high lift - the lockable differential gears.
To lock the diffs, you use a small pin, which screws into one side of the diff gear - no need to take the axle apart as there is an easy access hole, covered by a rubber bung or the shiney diff cover.
But, where do you keep the diff locking pins whilst running the truck with unlocked diffs?
I've made this 1/10 scale aluminium bed box to go inside my high lifts truck bed. its made from sheet aluminium, with a scale tread plate aluminium lid! Inside, its lined with thin foam to stop the contents rattleing about - the contents are - 2 diff locking pins and the hex wrench needed to secure them in place. the lid push fits on, and the box is secured with double sided tape.
Due to the thickness of aluminium i had, its very strong, but also difficult to make (aluminium doesnt like bending) so i've only made 2.
Now i have somewhere to keep hold of the diff locking pins, and i can lock my diffs wherever i take my truck :D

Aluminium box - inside.... The 2 diff locking pins, and the hex wrench!

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that looks mint, great scale.



great box, good idea



Looks good and scale, very original idea.

rizzo rat


Nice tool box. You should make these to sell, Id buy one or two.

0[[[0 Willys


fine for scale look - great !

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