Model: (Click to see more) 58231: Wild Dagger
Status: Project
Date: 7-Nov-2006
Comments: 2
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Daggermon fitted with: 2 Batteries, 2 receiver (same quartz), 2 ESC.
Now I have to find the right place for everything.
The 2nd battery should be placed in forward position to have more grip on the front axle. (With 2 motors working separately you will lose the 'coordination' between the front and rear axle).

L'accrocchio! Even with 2 different ESC it works! The 2nd battery placed in forward position.

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Cool action shot. That thing looks like it can shift!!!!!



Yes... but now I'm trying with one 8,4 battery....
It is even better!
But you have the two motors working with the same power and speed again... with only one ESC the two motors are linked

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