Model: (Click to see more) 58372: Ford F350 High Lift
Status: NIB
Date: 11-Nov-2006
Comments: 6
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got to give a big thank you to madmax(steve) for offering to build this and paint it for me due to too many hours at work.
he has made a fantastic job as i knew he would and i got it back from him as seen in the pictures.
it is fitted with a super rooster and mag mayhem and runs great but that was cut short due to too much water lol (wet reciver) now sorted so will be back out tomorrow never to be clean again.
the colour is bmw metalic blue.
the shocks are built with no springs in them and only 2 leafs where used and it seem to run fine.
i am sure if i have missed anything out he will put me right lol

last 3 pics with 2.2s but gonna fit tlt wheels eventually when i get time to modd them

thanks for looking

this is before it gets the treatment it deserves tried it with 2.2 dont know if i am gonna run them

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
second lot of pics




looks great.. I would see it as a privilege to build one!



Nice paint job! lookin cool, can't wait for the crawling pics!



aw! shucks lol..That blue looks nice in the Sun mate.ALSO fitted with FULL bearings and inside the rear bed is Mat Black.

rizzo rat


Grand job. Looks very nice, i like the flatbed in black.




Nice looking truck cant beat the f350 for looks..gota get me one i think

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