Model: (Click to see more) 99983: Associated
Status: New built
Date: 15-Nov-2006
Comments: 2
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This is a car that some members of tamiyaclub have helped me out so much to create. So firstly I'd like to thank shodog and fifthscaleracer for all the assistance and parts. Please check out their respective showrooms for other excellent cars. Thanks also to everyone whom I emailed about parts and who tried to assist my project e.g. woobergoober, mrlexan to name a few (its like half of TC) lol!

More info and pics will come later as I am quite busy today. All the parts are new old stock never used. The chassis is an A&L trailing arm chassis and the front arms are made by Hot Trick.

I am still missing a few parts and would appreciate any help whether information or parts offers.

-All comments good or bad are welcomed

Update 06-12-2006

Here is the Composite Craft nose plate that I bought recently and also the start of some shocks. The shocks are RC10 dampers but have gold CRP clamps at the rear. Enjoy :D

Update 24-01-2007

Shodog sold me a set of front and rear Composite Craft shock towers. I have split up the set for now just to assemble the car. I'd like to keep them as a set, but the A&L shock mounts need me to drill holes in the rear tower. Also the MIP kit requires a slot drilling in the shock tower and bulkhead, I can't decide which one I should chop up. The car also now has front hinge inner and outer Titanium hinge pins from RC performance specialties. Thanks mate.

A friend (Jason) from another forum hooked me up big time with some front shock tower bulkheads, hinge pins, rear bulkhead, battery straps that are on the car. I'd like to say special thanks for all that generousity.

A guy from ebay whom I emailed about these wheels maybe 8 months ago when they didn't sell, hooked me up with 4 pairs for $14 the other day. He said he'd give me an amazing deal for being so patient. I was well happy. The tires are only provisional but its all I had. Up front some CRP dynamite spikes which I got in a miscellaneous parts lot from Mrlexan on ebay last year and in the rear some Tamiya Super Gripper oval blocks from my first Tamiya Hornet which I have had for over ten years!

I have got JRX2 tie rods and CRP ball ends provisionally connecting up the front end and am on the look out for some Tecnacrafts.

Thanks for looking. All comments welcome.

Assembled front of RC10 Assembled top of RC10

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Again this one is looking good too.... Shoot me an email and we'll see how we can get you the rest of the RC10 parts to finish her off. - Jay



Thanks for the kind offer of assistance Jay, I will email you next week about the RC10 parts as I am broke at the mo. as my 1:1 car keeps getting vandalised

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