Model: (Click to see more) 99989: Schumacher
Status: Restored
Date: 20-Nov-2006
Comments: 10
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This is a Cat XLS which i got in trade with Type49rs
about a year ago.
it came with Shell and undertray.
which i sent to KAMTEC to make repros off.
this was 9 months ago.
i still got no shell and undertray back and i dont get any replys from Keith at KAMTEC.
Are there more people who got bad experience with that Company?
i was lucky to purchase a other shell to complete the car.

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Schumachet Cat XLS




Hi Jeroen

I WANT YOUR COLECTION!!!!! (HA HA). Its a pain you are having a nightmare with Kamtec. He really is shooting himself in the foot with us lot, Id love a complete XLS body set. I'll be posting some pictures of my NIP bosscat works parts soon




funny this... im sure you must have read about the bormac cougar 2 repro story? He was having the same trouble as you. not long after i read about Bormac's trouble i recived an email from keith asking if he could use my NIP kyosho lazer zx-r shell to repro... I told him what i had read here from bormac and that he was getting a bad reputation and he seemed concerned... I didnt let him have the shell unless he was willing to pay for it... even then i didnt really want to let him have it... and i didnt. Not long after i said this i saw he had contacted Bormac and 'tried' to put things right. So maybe he will get in contact with you again??... i agree entirley though there is no excuse, especially when its such a mega rare shell such as an original cat.. I know that would cause me alot of stress.. All said and done though your a lucky man... the buggy looks amazing.. Its a funny one actually as i need a repro cougar 2 shell to complete my resto and i kinda dont wanna give him my money now...



Beautiful car! I have a couple myself..... Kamtec seems to be hit and miss, sorry that you had a bad experience. - Jay



Seems to be a mixed bag of reports about Kamtec. Some say he's great others complain about the length of time he takes to deliver. Bit naughty if he has not returned your stuff though, good luck with that. Nice car though, brings back memories of my one i raced as a kid



Classic racer,a great example



Great looking XLS, nice work again, Jeroen.



I contacted keith after Jason (bormac) got his first repro body and he was excited about it.
after i sent the shells and undertrays Procat and XLS to keith , Bormac posted the article on the TC site.He just became a repro shell , and not what he agreed with Keith.
So thats how long i am misssing my shells.
It is a shame because keith makes great shells ,it would be nice that everybody could have a shell for
his vintage CAT XLS.
i hope for the best.
thanks guys for the nice comments



Greetings Jeroen. Great to see my old XLS in such great condition, in fact your entire collection is awesome! It's a real shame about the body and undertray i really hope it all works out for you. Keep up the good work. John.


Hey car looks fat! Im a vintage kyosho collector (optimas) and have been looking at schumachers, bottom line is i just have to have one to put with the rc collection.. Do you sell! Do u restore and then sell, do u deal on ebay and or have a pay pal account get back to me thanks...


Hey I forgot to ask what years this cat..

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