Model: (Click to see more) 56701: TamTech-Gear The Frog
Status: NIB
Date: 27-Nov-2006
Comments: 2
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My collection of hopups tamtech gears:
The hornet has a LRP comp ESC and Team Orion Baja Motor, with hopups in blue. The Frog is pink alu (all original Tamiya) incl the dempers, motor is a brushless Hacker and Quark ESC, pink alu paint and it's fast!. The Fox has the original Tamtech SportTuned motor and stock ESC and some 3racing alu and Tamiya's. The paint is clear blue with alu blue and looks stunning in reallife. Had to have all 3 as NIB aswell because I really like these small cars. I run them in my livingroom and even my 2year old daughter like to carry them around and turn the wheel on the transmitter. Where will this end????

one happy family these will stay NIB




lovely sweet collection, and you have 6!!!!!



Sweet collection,i really like the Frog.

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