Model: (Click to see more) 99990: Event/Action Photos
Status: Runner
Date: 27-Nov-2006
Comments: 7
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Hi - here are some action shots of my Mini, that I took today. This is a highly hopped up car which is great fun to drive and my favourite RC car! Thanks again to Felix for driving the car.

Mini Photo 1 Mini Photo 2 Mini Photo 3 Mini Photo 4 Mini Photo 5 Mini Photo 6 Mini Photo 7 Mini Photo 8 Mini Photo 9 Mini Photo 10




very nice shoots - very nice car!!! this blue fits him excellent



WOW some excellent shots there, well done.

rizzo rat


Awesome pics. i love number 1 and 5. well done.

Chain Driven


I love pic #6 so real!



God they have come out brilliantly! A fantastic drive, much better with the roll bars and oil filled shocks. mini power!!


i love 3 & 6....6 especially looks like the real thing...big powerslide in the wet, wipers going!



Wow, great to see you are enjoying the mini I sold you back in August! I stumbled across this totally by accident. Also nice to hear its your favourite car! still looks as good as ever too. Simon

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