Model: (Click to see more) 56702: TamTech-Gear The Hornet
Status: Runner
Date: 5-Dec-2006
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Great - little car :D

Its missing a bumper - which will be in my next order along with a Frog I think - or maybe I'll wait for the chassis kit? - If Mr Tamiya is reading this - How about a Brat body? - I'd buy three

Also got a few hop ups and spares, 2 sport tuned motors, some new tires and a Frog body (I've got plans for this)

UPDATE 2006-12-06
Had a good run indoors on carpet - run fast with only the standard motor - rear hops about a little like a Grass Hopper - furture body release maybe?

UPDATE 2007-01-03
Just a small update - new rear tires - from a WildBoar on Hornet wheel - looks cool - will give it a test run this weekend.

Gotta change that motor Power Grrrrr Blue with newly printed decals maybe? Sport tunnnned :) The rear tires will new replacing one day Little bigger Little wider :)

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