Model: (Click to see more) 58363: Audi A4 DTM 2005 Team Abt-Sportsline
Status: New built
Date: 5-Dec-2006
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These DTM Racers matched each other during the DTM Saison 2005.
The Audi A4 DTM Team Abt Sportsline driven by Tom Kristensen took the overall 3rd place.

Kristensen took 4x 2nd places , 3x 3rd places and 2x 4th places during this saison.
The Valvoline Opel Vectra driven P.Dumbreck took the 14th place overall during the saison.

This Opel was heavily involved in an accicent with T.Kristensen during the 8th race.
The Audi, in leading position, was launched from the Opel during a lapping situation. Both cars had to quit this race.

With this accident the Audi lost the 2nd place overall in the Saison 2005.

Here are the 2 rivals again.

(if anyone interested in those bodies - just mail me, i will try to get another one)
- which of those rivals looks better?

which looks better? Audi A4 DTM 2005 ? or Valvoline Opel Vectra ? both bodies are very detailed.

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S-line every time Ahhh I can't wait for mine!! Opel looks cool too!



The Audi A4 parcel is on it's way to you.. - enjoy it



Fantastic! You'd better get the Merc next- that should look amazing!



The Mercedes will be my next project.....



German Engineering EVERYTIME!!!



Look ace Miga - loving the S-Line, I should get chance to photograph ukzz4iroc's when he gets his! I also have some photos of the real 2006 S-Line which I'll post later... I have also met both Dumbreck and Kristensen and were top guys - also helped that they both spoke English, which helps my non-exsistent German!

Wrc action


Dumbrek Is actually british and Kristensen can speak about 5 langauge fleuently - English, Daneish, German, French etc. GD to hear you have a merc planned miga - That one I might just have to buy of you lol a DC bank one please .



both look excellent, but if i must give one away then the Opel must go.



nice nice nice DTM!!!

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