Model: (Click to see more) 57703: RTR SVT Mustang Cobra R
Status: New built
Date: 5-Dec-2006
Comments: 4
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I am a big Ford guy and have always loved the TL-01 chassis and the SVT Ford Mustang Cobra since I saw three of them carpet racing when I was very young. They were TL-01s back when that was the hot chassis and they were winning by miles. At that point I decided I would get one some day and race them myself.
This car is all new parts and has the rare clear chassis, with XB Mustang bodyshell. Tamiya did a great paint job on this one, and the decals are perfect. The chassis is all stock and probably will stay this way; this will be the one I will show my kids when they ask me what the TL-01 is 20 years from now. :)

UPDATE: Updated description. Also just to note that the final custom Mustang I build will be a replica of the one I saw at that race so long ago that was my favorite, most likely in a dark red color like it was.

A bit moody Better decaled than my F40 was Supercars All stock, no point in hopups on a shelfer... ...though it does have clear oil shocks. I should find another of these... Tamiya servo

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
My second complete Mustang, bought for the body




Welcome to the SIG Club. Loving the see through chassis - Haven't seen one of them before...



Thanks, they are hard to find.



that is one hot chassis! do they make them like that anymore?



Nice car. That clear chassis looks great !

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