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Date: 7-Dec-2006
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The wheels on my Lunchbox has stirred abit of interest and i thought i'd help anyone who'd be interested in them . The tyres (2.2) were made by Aj's and are high-profile (diameter : 4ins) and are foam. The alloy rims were made by Sees and are 2.2 aswell. I got them both on the bay, and there's a store that still sells the tyres for a very reasonable price. However rims like these are not as easy to find as many of us know! This is because most of the companies that produced them either stopped production or went bust. The pics below are of old ads for alloy rims and a photo of the tyres with it's tag/label.

Tecnacraft - best designs imo. Sees Aj's

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Almost there.....




Thanks for the pictures,i remember some of the SEES adds from back in the day.I also grew up about three miles from the Ajs office.I used to pass it on way to Indianapolis.thanks again



Cheers for the info mate, it makes me wish I hadn't sold my Lunchbox alloys. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Ed


They still make those wheels Checl JSP pro on the net

Rising Jack


I checked JPS a while ago, and at first thought they were made by them, but i haven't found the exact same design, so i'm pretty sure they're Sees.

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