Model: (Click to see more) 58074: The Grasshopper II
Status: Extra info
Date: 11-Dec-2006
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Stripped the orange paint off and resprayed with a gloss black with silver accents. Ironically, the front shock upper mounts from the Super Hornet 'Rod Bag' arrived about three days after these shots were taken.

P.S. Still looking for a new body for this.. Anyone got one, or know where one is??..

Just can't get enough. In a different lighting..




that thing looks mean, but awesome, and as for the body, just get a madbull body and drill the holes in the wing, thats all that tamiya did except they filled the holes in and stuck one in the middle lol what are them wheels?



looks great, like the on-road grippy tires



Cheers fellas. The rims are from a good ol' Monster Beetle and the tires are Proline Striker II's, perfect for 2.2 rims. Proline have a good range to fit 2.2's.

tuff bug


Wow thats radical the wheels don't look out of place on that

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