Model: (Click to see more) 99988: Losi
Status: Runner
Date: 13-Dec-2006
Comments: 14
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I've had this vision as soon as I saw the Micro-T in person, and I had to give it a go today. I am still waiting for delivery on my Micro T (should be here any day now ;) ) but a friend at work already has one buzzing around so I took it and matched it to a Monster Beetle Jr. 1/32 body. The fit is almost perfect! I didn't hesitate a second to start cutting the body up for a proper racer look. This is what I got so far- and it's looking great! The body is going pretty quickly, I plan on doing a retro racer scheme on it- and by the time it's done, my Micro T should be here. I'm planning on mounting it with velcro strips on the sides as it fits very well to the chassis and those microscopic body pins are a bit difficult. For you guys who haven't witnessed a Micro-T yet, you are missing out! These things are quick and even with this body (slightly heavier than the stock one) it will still pull wheelies and handles very well. I can't wait to get this done and it will be a perfect office racer and even a travel basher...maybe it will go to Japan with me next week if I can get it done! 8D

*UPDATE* paintwork has started and it's really taking shape! I'll have to work on it some more after I return from my trip, then it's ready for the beach...parking lot! ;) By the way, packaged Hot Wheels make perfect launch ramps for these guys!

spare Hornet decals came in handy guys are no fun. oh, look what I found! this might work... ahhhh...I knew these would be good for something!




Nice one Jun, I thought it wsa just a Mini-T Baja at first, the look is spot on! Now thin down the fronts and get some paddles for the rear

Crash Cramer


I didn't even think of this, now my mini 4x4 stash will have real life. I can bet Rhen Belz can tell you all the parts to buy as he seems to be breaking his after every two runs. LOL I only broke the front steering arms thus far. My brother-in-law made me buy one as he bought one, he got bearings, makes a difference. I clocked mine with out bearings at 10 MPH !!! I didn't get his clocked yet.



Oh yeah! I thought about how to put a bug body on one of these. You just solved my problem....



Had a chance to drive one at the local track where a few guys had them. They are lots of fun and do jump quite well, surprisingly. It takes a little getting used to to drive them as they are very....twitchy. I wonder about durability because some elements of the suspension looked iffy at best.
I love your idea though. I too thought it was a Baja body on a Mini-T. Keep us posted with the progress. Great job so far.


Oh Man....I'm going to have to compy that LOL
Yes I finally paid up and I'm an official member



Man that thing is Killer! I'm going to have to copy that...and yes I finally paid up and I'm a member now



Jeez Rich, you got so excited you left 2 comments haha!



LOL...I'm used to seeing the comment left right away...I'm a noob here



Great looking body idea! Make sure to take some spare parts with you when you go to Japan



Wow! - Thats a reason buying that tiny little toy..... (I can see prices for Monster-Beetle-Jrs. on the Bay rising and rising.....

Marcello Rupelli


I saw this and immediately ordered one for myself. I think a micro-King Cab or Micro Wild Willy



Great body idea J! Maybe I can put Blackfoot Jr body on it? Hey don't forget to stop by Tamiya World in Osaka!


ive ordered one too i cant wait to get it. i wonser if my clodboster jr body will fit this.



this is brilliant! so brilliant in fact i have just ordered a micro-t and a monster beetle junior! i hope you dont mind me copying your idea. Have you done any more to yours yet?

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