Model: (Click to see more) 58082: Madcap
Status: Runner
Date: 17-Dec-2006
Comments: 11
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Hi - Here are some photos of my newly acquired Madcap that I got from ebay. It's stock at the moment but I plan to ballrace and upgrade the suspension - any advice from Madcap owners on which shocks what be greatly appreciated. Many thanks to ukzz4iroc for driving the car in the action shots - I hope this car will hold it's own against his Bearhawk! Enjoy!

I have some more action shots of this car - check them out in my showroom!

Madcap photo 1 Madcap photo 2 Madcap photo 3 Madcap photo 4 Madcap photo 5 Madcap photo 6 Madcap photo 7 Madcap photo 8 Madcap photo 9 Madcap photo 10

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Great action shots ! Very cool.



Mate- in my state, wearing my jacket with puke on it, it's a miracle we got any shots in Looks sleek but the trusty Hawk will own it! Especially as you're used to your shandy drinkiing 4wd!! Good shots and nice motor dude.



he Mad Cap has better chassis suspension and gearbox than Bear Hawk. You can use CVA II black dampers with 5mm balls on top and lower point or better Hi Cap dampers. Any other alloy damper will work well anyway. Cheers Max



grat pics, as usual & very interesting paintscheme



great action pics!



Not the best looking car but wonderful photos.

Crash Cramer


Poo on BurP, I really dig this car, my first proper bought in box it was. I would suggest the CVA and make sure you get plenty of piston blanks to fiddle with the movement speed, get some different oil weights too. I believe Duratrax makes some affordable alloy shocks, but you UK chaps seem to have great aftermarket suppliers versus us in the USA. Couple of upgrades would be an Astute wing as yours seems to have a nice 'tweak', check the 'parts house' here at TC. Upgrade the steering balls to Dubro or other 'ball pivot' type from airplane shops. I really never thought of the white stripe on the wheels and I dig the body color, any idea what color that might be??? Also, where do you think the red 'speed disk' decals came from???? Thanks for sharing, straight to my favorites.



Very nice paint sheme and photos!



Thanks for all your comments esp Crash Cramer and Kontemax for the advice on shocks and upgrades. I really like this car, and this is my second. Thanks everyone!

flux density


Lovely mid old school 2WD buggy. White wheel trim looks fabulous



I've got a Madcap shell and decals and planned to go for box art but those colours have got me thinking... Very nice scheme.

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