Model: (Click to see more) 58354: The Frog
Status: New built
Date: 18-Dec-2006
Comments: 9
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Been collecting hop-up parts for this build for quite some time. Finally got everything I wanted to complete the car (via Ebay and some TC Members).
First, my thanks to the TC members: Got the Parma rear anti-rollbar Kit from 'Tamiya King', Aluminum Nerf Bars and You-G Tires from 'Tamiyaluvr' (Raffy), and the famous aluminum KC lights from 'Cul-Tech'. The aluminum nerf bars and anti-rollbar kit were anodized gold originally. I used an anodization remover from Jestco that worked awesome (looks like a salt you mix in water) - way cleaner and easier than the 'Easy Off' method. All parts were polished by hand with Weiman Metal Polish (gives a chrome finish with little effort). The aluminum KC lights require wetsanding to smooth the surface and turned out great using 600 grit sandpaper and some elbow grease.
The remaining hop-ups were all Ebay finds: Chrome Chassis (A-Parts), Chrome Wheels, CRP Front and Rear Bumper (dyed black with RIT), Dirt Burners Aluminum Wing, CRP Front Shock Kit, Parma Rear Shock Kit, Sealed Bearings, Tamiya Universal Shafts, and CRP reinforced Steering Arms.
I never imagined I would add so many hop-ups to the Frog, but I am very happy with the results. It would kill me to scratch or damage some of these hop-ups, so a Shelf Queen it shall be.

Front View - Ground Chassis View - Ground Driver View - Detail Rear View - Ground Side View - Pedestal Top View - Close Up Rear Profile - Pedestal




SWEEEET, Love all of the shiny stuff!!!!!



Nice work on this one ! I love hopped up Frogs.



WOW, great frog.



GREAT, really nice. Love this car.

Crash Cramer


Very nice Dan, good thing it was only a Partly Sunny day or we would need sunglasses to view these pics. Do my eyes deceive me or did you NOT polish the transmission plates?? I like the driver paint and WOW that wing is big, bet it catches 'BIG AIR'


definatly the best buggy i hav ever seen.well done.



You've got an absolute corker there...arguably the best Frog I've seen. Great stuff.



Is that wing the dirt burners wing for the boomerang?



Oh YEAH, I'm diggin' this FROG!!

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