Model: (Click to see more) 58372: Ford F350 High Lift
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Date: 27-Dec-2006
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Hey everyone!
I've added another 'home made' hopup to my High Lift, its a simple mod that lets you hold the rear truck bed up in the open position.
A standard Highlifts truck bed cannot stay open by itself, the leaf spring mounts hit the exhaust and tailgate assembly just before the bed is able to balance open. If your putting in a battery or getting to a connector for example, youve got to hold the bed up yourself whilst you carry out the task.
I've seen a cool mod on TC which involves a servo used to operate the rear bed from the 4th channel of the radio. But, (me being to lazy to hunt down a servo and build a mounting for it;-)), i decided to go for this simple solution. Using left over ball connectors, rubber tube and o rings from the highlift build, plus a spare steering rod from a txt-1, i created a little 'rear bed stay'. You use it just like a bonnet stay on a real car. Its fixed via a threaded hole thats already in the chassis rails, locates into a hole thats inside the rear bed moulding, and stays put when not in use thanks to a few O rings.
It's worked really well, and now i can pose my highlift with the rear bed open :-)
All you need to make one is a steering rod of a suitable length - the rest is left over from your highlift build!

Rear Bed open Thanks to a few spare parts! Fixed using ball connectors Lowered position, rests neatly on battery mounts Needs more mud though

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Nice Idea I’ll need to keep it in mind over the next few days when I start building mine 

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