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Status: How To Guide
Date: 30-Dec-2006
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Thought I’d share my way of making window masks for bodyshells that come with blacked out windows. I’m sure there are a number of ways of doing this but a short tutorial for the younger members and members who otherwise would like a go but don’t know how I thought maybe useful.

1 – First of all I scanned in the window decals and printed them off.

2 – I then placed a sheet of plastic over the top of the window print off and masked over this with regular masking tape. The plastic bag the decals come in are perfect as it’s tough and strong.

3 – I traced round the window edge

4 – Cut out the masks

5 – Be careful when separating the tape from the plastic backing, this is also a little fiddly and cab challenge your patience. I used a scalpel to separate the two. Then fit to the bodyshell.

6 – Spray as normal

7 – Peel away as normal after drying

8 – Voila – Perfect!

1 – Scanned window decals 2 - Cover with plastic and mask 3 – Trace around the window edge 4 – Cut out the masks 5 - Separate and fit to shell 6 – Spray as normal 7 – Peel away as normal after drying 8 – Voila – Perfect! Finished




GREAT how-to!!!



A good idea that, might have to give that a try.



Finish inside with black, it looks better from the outside.


That is a simple and effective way to make window masks!



Excellent guide, a nice simple way to save you time and get good results.



Thanks for the responses guys - Hope others can use



Seems like a lot of work to me, i just use the decals as the masks on the inside.



Brilliant - I never thought of doing that way - I may have to try that method on the next shell as clear windows look so much better.



Fair play JTWTravill each to their own. Theres never enough work to get the model how you want it though ...


There is one problem with it, some of the black lines that arn't the grey part are scanned with it aswell so that makes it too wide right?

What i did is put tape on the OUTSIDE of the shell, draw lines on it, thats easy because its got a hight diffiance. pull it off, cutt it out and do it on the inside worked fine with me.



Mattijn - I used Photoshop Software and I actually highlighted the grey part(windows) to keep and deleted the black window seals so it's the perfect match for the window. Nice note to point out and one which I didn't highlight in the description.



There are a thousand ways to make masks, this is pretty much the same as most of the other variations, when you get tired of paint bleeding under the tape or sticker, it is time to try Bob Dively's liquid mask. Goes on easy, cuts clean and easy with a hobby knife and never bleeds, rolls right off without leaving glue on the lexan, really an easy way to do windows or lights or whatever, and we all know that clear windows look better!



SubaruBratJunkie - Your right there are thousands of ways to do this and it's not meant to be the be all and end all of masking it was just an idea for those who don't know what to do, open a new model box and want clear windows when they get the black versions in the kit. And seeing as there wasn't one on the tutorial I thought it would be nice to put one up.
It's got people's creative juices flowing though - what I also aimed to do - and get members like you highlighting different methods because I hadn't heard of Bob Dively's liquid mask and I've been static building for many years. There are literally thousands of ways(and products) as you say



Looks better than mine Sideways! Mine is lookin' tired now, it is running a 13x2 though


The windows came out great man! I was wondering if you knew if the scan could some how be printed out directly on a masking sheet. A while back a picked up a solid, seamless sheet of window masking tape put out by Duratrax. It sealed very well and left no residue.



Thanks - Your right you can get a single sheet of mask and then treat it as normal printing paper - assuming it's not too thick for your printer to accept it

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